This form is intended for the use of local Organizations, Charities and Schools to submit a formal request for a donation to fundraisers and other events. Please note that all applicable information must be provided on this form before consideration. Questions? Contact us!

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From which restaurant are you requesting this donation? 34th Street Café & Catering
Santa Rita Cantina (26 Doors)
Describe the event (100 words or fewer): How many people are expected to attend this event? If requesting a food donation, how many people are you expecting to serve?
*Please note all donations will need to be picked up from the respective restaurant between 2-4pm. Please call ahead to ensure your donation will be ready; we do not deliver food or mail gift cards*
Is this a public event? (i.e if tickets were sold or people you don’t know are attending) Yes    No If Yes, has the appropriate temporary food permit(s) been obtained by the Event Organizer from the Travis County Health Department? Yes    No Why Should We Donate To Your Organization?
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*Please note that because we receive a large number of requests for donations, not all can be fulfilled. We are happy to support organizations of all kinds and look forward to possibly being a part of your special cause.*